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Dr. Maya Zeineddine

Consultant Neurologist, Head of Neurology Department Tunis, Tunisia

Dr. Maya Zeineddine
Dr. Maya ZeineddineMENACTRIMS Executive Secretary Lebanon

Riadh Gouider is a Professor of Neurology since 2005. He is Head of Department of Neurology at Razi Hospital since 2002 and the Alzheimer Center since 2010. Prof. Gouider is the President of the Tunisian Society of Neurology since 2014. He is the President of the Pan African Association of Neurological Societies (PAANS) since 2014 and the Vice President of MENACTRIMS (The Middle East and North Africa Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis) since 2014. Prof. Gouider is a Founding Member of the Maghrebian Federation of Neurology since 2001. He is Trustee of the World Federation of Neurology (WFN) since 2014 and the Regional Director in the WFN for the Pan African Region since 2012. Prof. Gouider is also a member of Scientific Council of the International Federation of Multiple Sclerosis (MSIF) since 2013 and Vice President of the Scientific Committee of the Tunisian Association of the Multiple Sclerosis (ATSEP) since 2014. He is leading a project of an MS clinic in Tunisia.

Prof. Gouider is member in the French Society of Neurology (SFN) since 2003 and the French Society for Research in Clinical Neurophysiology (ARN) since 1993. He received several awards (American Academy of Neurology 1994, JNLF 2013, Maghrebian Federation of Neurology, etc) and authored and co-authored more than 100 original papers or book chapters especially on epidemiology of MS. His fields of interest, developed with the neurological department team, are:

  • Multiple sclerosis, with research on epidemiology and clinical specificities in Tunisia.
  • Dementia, with four key research areas: epidemiology of dementia in Tunisians, early and younger onset dementias, neuropsychological assessment and risk factors.
  • Inherited Peripheral Neuropathies axed on clinical; eletrophysiological and genetic studies of Charcot Marie Tooth disease, especially on autosomal forms with identification of many new gene mutations.
  • Epilepsy, with a main focus on neurophysiology and genetic of epilepsies, especially, familial forms of idiopathic epilepsies, recessive epilepsies and Unverricht Lundborg disease.

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