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Physiotherapy in MS Internship


MENACTRIMS is offering a one month intensive course and clinical internship program in Belgium in on September-October 2024. The stipend will cover travel expenses, the tuition fees and lodging expenses.

Deadline for application: April 30, 2024

University MS Center Hasselt-Pelt, Belgium
University of Hasselt, faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences, REVAL research center, Hasselt, Belgium
Rehabilitation and MS Center Noorderhart, Overpelt, Belgium

Overpelt and Hasselt are both located in the Flemish speaking region of Belgium, Flanders. However, the majority of people living in Flanders speak at least two of the following languages: Flemish, added with French or English.

Clinical internship with hands-on experience in the rehabilitation center three days a week, supplemented by evidence-based lectures and workshops twice a week.

The internship is open for physiotherapists, occupational therapists, neurologists and rehabilitation physicians.

  • The candidate is a certified physiotherapist or equivalent health care professional
  • The candidate has an interest in evidence-based neurorehabilitation incorporating the evidence, clinical experience and patient (cultural) values
  • The candidate wants to learn assessment and physiotherapeutic methods and integrate it in clinical reasoning
  • The candidate is interested in technology supporting rehabilitation
  • The candidate is commit to engage in hands-on clinical practice (see guidelines)
  • The candidate is interested to learn about treatment in both community and rehabilitation setting
  • The candidate is interested in rehabilitation research studies

We offer a hands-on clinical internship that is starting with shadowing therapists but evolves direct contact and treatment of persons with MS. For hands-on practice at Rehabilitation and MS Center Noorderhart, the following guidelines have to be followed:

Regulations of hygiene of Belgian health care systems. This includes:

  • No nail polish and false nails
  • No jewelry on the fingers, hands and wrist
  • Wearing working clothes from the center (trousers and short arm sleeves)
  • The forearm should be free from clothes – up to the elbow
  • Medical scarfs are allowed

Additional rules and regulations of the hospital to follow:

  • No phones during therapy hours
  • Expectation for hands on work including helping patients with transfers, facilitation techniques (e.g. Bobath, PNF), mobilisations techniques, stretching, and so on

MENACTRIMS Clinical Fellowships will be awarded in a competitive review process conducted by members of the MENACTRIMS Clinical Fellowship Review Committee. Applications will be evaluated based on the:

  • A short CV including your clinical and research experience
  • Motivation letter for participation to the intensive course and internship
  • Summary of candidate current knowledge in neurological rehabilitation such as assessment and list common assessment tools, rehabilitation concepts and therapy techniques that the candidate is familiar and works with
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