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Dr. Akram Al-Mahdawi

Consultant Neurologist
Head of the Iraqi Neurological Society
Baghdad Teaching Hospital
Baghdad, Iraq

Dr. Akram Al-Mahdawi
Dr. Akram Al-Mahdawi

Akram Al-Mahdawi graduated from the Basra College of Medicine in 1983. He completed his postgraduate training in Internal Medicine and gained both diplomas of Medicine and Board Certificate of Arabic Board of Medicine in 1990. Dr. Al-Mahdawi trained in the field of Neurology in Italy and obtained his MRCP of London then FRCP of both London and Edinburgh. He is an overseas regional advisory member of the RCP in Edinburg. Dr. Al-Mahdawi is also a Professor of Neurology in Baghdad College of Medicine and Al-Mustansiria College of Medicine. He is the Chairman of Iraqi Neurology Council and Iraqi Board for Medical Specialization and Chairman of the Iraqi Neurology Society. He is also a Member of AAN and the Iraqi Representative in WFN, and Arabic Neurology Council.

Dr. Al-Mahdawi is a member of the Advisory Board of Four Medical Journals in the field and has published over 60 papers in different fields of neurology & medicine in different medical journals. He supervised 20 MSC and 16 PHD doctorate dissertations.