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Dr. Elie Assaf

Head of Neurology Department
Sacre Coeur Hospital
Hazmieh, Baabda, Lebanon

Dr. Elie Assaf
Dr. Elie Assaf

Elie Assaf, MD is the Head of Neurology Department at Sacre Coeur Hospital in Hazmieh, Baabda, Lebanon. He is also the Head of Neurology Department at the Middle East Institute of Health (MEIH) in Bsalim, North Metn, Lebanon.

Dr. Assaf graduated in general medicine from Saint Joseph University for Medical Sciences in Beirut in 1988. He then completed General Neurology from Saint Joseph University in 1994. He was the Chief Resident of Neurology at Saint Georges Hospital Beirut, Lebanon between 1988 and 1991, and an Intern in Neurology Program at Neurosurgery Department of Prof. Jacques Philippon at Hospital de la Pitie- Salpetriere in Paris from 1992-1994. Dr. Assaf received his diploma of Clinical Epileptology as well as diploma of Neuro Radiology from University of Pierre ET Marie Curie, Faculty of Medicine, Paris VI.

Dr. Assaf is a member of various societies, including the Lebanese Neurology Society, Lebanese League against Epilepsy and The National Multiple Sclerosis Society.